Your mission, if you accept it, will be to be in contact with the English language for a given amount of time on a daily basis. You may read a novel, watch the news, binge a series on Netflix or any other streaming platform, have a discussion with an English speaking friend through skype, or even write a letter to someone! The goal of this mission is to make sure you practice your second language on a daily basis. Here are the levels:


« Pikachu » level : 15 minutes of reading/watching/writing/speaking daily


« Jedi  master » level: 20 minutes of reading/watching/writing/speaking daily


« Chuck Norris » level: 30 minutes of reading/watching/writing/speaking daily


If you are sadly unable to accomplish your daily challenge, simply double the time spent  reading/watching/writing/speaking English the next day to catch up.


Good luck!


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Le Séminaire Sainte-Marie est un établissement privé d’enseignement secondaire de langue française reconnu par le Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur du Québec (MEES).

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